Holiday Prep

So there are a few things that go into the preparation for a holiday abroad, the obvious would be packing but I’m not gonna talk you through that. Usually I’d have died my hair a bright colour and written a post about that… However my hair has been in such a bad condition that I’m … More Holiday Prep

My Gym Story

So if you haven’t guessed I’ve started going to the gym, Ive toyed with the idea for maybe a year, and in May I finally got the balls to actually start going. I thought I’d go through some of the bits I bought for the gym and some of the things I have been doing … More My Gym Story

May Favourites

Hey what more can I say that its that time again… The first thing I want to talk about are some leggings I brought last month that Ive been wearing a lot this month due to the fact I’m going to the gym now. They are super comfy and I love wearing them even when … More May Favourites