London Fashion Weekend

After being introduced to a module at university where I am required to research into the types of jobs in the photography industry. One type of photography that interest me is commercial, specifically fashion. I had researched the topic but still wanted some sort of experience.
This meant only one thing I needed to go to a show! If I could go to any I’d love to go to New York fashion week however due to timing and money it wasn’t feasible. Thankfully London fashion week was just round the corner. Like every year, once London Fashion Week is finished at Somerset House, London Fashion Weekend starts at the Saatchi Gallery. This is a great way to experience fashion week and maybe speak to people who work there to get an idea of how it feels. IMG_1285 [88937]
It was very strange being in the luxe lounge, I almost felt like I didn’t belong, although this was my first time so what did I expect? We walked around the various designer pop-up stalls and has our photo taken wherever we could. Sadly we missed our session with Rankin but we made the catwalk with time to spare.
 New Image reserved.jpg
Our front row seats were reserved because we had managed to get some Luxe tickets, I’t was well worth the money it cost. This was one of the best positions to get photographs of good quality.
I really enjoyed shooting this show and fashion is definitely something I want to go in to as a career. It’s a combination of two of my favourite things, photography and clothes. I am already planning on going to the next one and aim on going to many more.
To view more photographs from the catwalk check out my portfolio:
Originally posted March 1st 2016

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