Talking to professionals

Yesterday I traveled to London to talk to some people involved in the photography industry. My first visit was at Panos Pictures to talk to the editor and assignment editor, Finding out what their job roles consist of as well as what the company does. What I learnt from this is how a photographer can get funding for a project they want to shoot by getting sponsored or shooting something commercial to get funding for their personal projects.
My next stop in London was the Guardian newspaper to learn about some of the photography related roles within this field. This talk was focused on the online aspects of the newspaper and their system for uploading and choosing photographs for articles. Also how they decide which photographs make the cut, it is a mix of visually pleasing and showing related content to the article it will accompany.
My final stop was to visit Getty Images Gallery and view the year in focus collection shot by various photographers. One of the stand out images for me was a photo of Harrison Ford produced by Christopher Polk. I really liked the images included in this collection, so much so I bought the book for future reference. It would be interesting to talk to the curator of this collection to find out what influenced them in deciding on the final images that made the cut.
This was a very informative day and one I will remember, it was defiantly worth the travel time.
Originally posted on February 18th 2016

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