Carnival Time!

So every year I go to both Braintree and Witham carnivals, it’s been a family tradition since I can remember and since I’ve always been the photographer of the family I’ve always brought a camera with me. The past two summers I have taken photographing each carnival more seriously, considering what I would use the photos for and what I want them to say. There are two main parts to these sorts of carnivals: the parade and the fair. My favorite part was always the fair when I was younger but now i’m older I much prefer the parade, the people involved are very brave! I tried it out once but I felt so self conscious! I am not the type of person who likes to be center of attention!!

This year I was unable to attend Braintree carnival and I was gutted!! I managed to make it to Witham and I used my photographing skills as much as possible! My favorite shot has nothing to do with the carnival directly, but is a photograph of my family.

Witham carnival 2016

It really reminds me of old style 80s photography of punk rockers, and  I love this style!

Of course I also got the usual photographs of princesses and the various dance groups, rides at the fair and the annual dog show. My photographing style changes each year sometime a little, some times a lot.

Tell me, do you go to carnivals where your from, whats your favorite part of a carnival??




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