Home From Univeristy

I don’t know if I have mentioned this yet but I used to go to university. I was studying photography at the University Campus Suffolk (soon to be the University of Suffolk). In my first module of  my second year I realized this wasn’t for me, there is a big difference between studying something and actually doing it. I found it progressively more difficult to stay focused on what I was supposed to be doing because I had so many rules and restrictions, I understand this is necessary but in reality (or at least for the photography I want to do) there aren’t so many restrictions. I tried my hardest anyway as I wanted to make every one proud of me and I had already dedicated a lot of my time to the course, it wasn’t meant to be, I failed my second year but its okay…

I was very apprehensive when I realized I would be moving home from university, once you gain that amount of independence, its hard to let go. Of course there are going to be upsides as well as downsides and that’s what I really want to talk about, there are going to be ways you can stay the same person you were when at university, you just have to make the effort.

There are only a couple of downsides and they are easily out weighed by the upsides. When I finally got home my parents and sister had to shift somethings about as they had to make room for some of my things, I now have a lot of things in storage and that’s a sacrifice I had to make. I’m currently sleeping on the sofa, this is by choice, I do have a bed in a shared room with my sister however its a bunk bed and I sleep a lot later than my sister, so it made sense to sleep on the sofa (its actually quite comfortable).


The upsides of coming home are that you get to see your family more, I don’t know if it was just me but when I was at university I only really had time for my course and my job, everything else was fit in when I had the time. I’ve had time to relax and rest my mind before moving on to the next thing, I feel like now I’m prepared for what ever comes my way! There is always milk which means I have a constant supply of tea! When I was living on my own it didn’t seem worth buying milk because I didn’t use that much.

The moral of this post is, its going to be okay, you will miss your friends but it isn’t the end of the world! Your life is only beginning and you should be excited for that!

Have you had to move back home recently? Do you have any advice for others who are about to?


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