My Anxiety Story..

Last year I was told I had social anxiety, I knew this at the time but I needed to go to the doctors and make sure I wasn’t just being a hypochondriac (is that even applicable?). Once I’d been told that I  had social anxiety I had a very low period, I didn’t move from my room and binge watched a lot of TV, even when I was playing games I would change the settings to show me as offline because I didn’t want to talk to anyone. After this low period I realized I had always had some sort of social anxiety but as I got older and experienced more it got worse.

It took me a while to be okay with talking to others about it and even now it takes me a while to open up about it. I still have trouble explaining it, I find it hard to find the words to explain it. The reason I’m doing this now is because I have found ways to deal with it. I still have bad days but I’m working on it and thats all I can do for now.

My main way of coping is my journal, this is a place I can rant about things, talk about whats on my mind and sometimes just doodle or stick things in that have made me feel a certain way. I don’t write in it everyday, I don’t feel the need to write in it everyday, it’s just a place I can be my irrational self with no judgement.

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Sticker page and quote
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Things I have read about anxiety
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Things I have read about anxiety
I know some people may say this isn’t the best way to deal with anxiety but I’m also on medication, I have been since I was diagnosed. Honestly it helps a lot and one day I do want to come off of the pills but right now I’m not ready.

I also go on walks even if its late at night because sometimes you need to just get some fresh air and get out of your own head. I do always have music playing in my ears but that’s usually because I don’t want people to see me walking around alone and try and talk to me, my music/ headphones is like a safety blanket.

My friends and family were a big help, and I don’t think I would be able to put myself out there as much as I do without their support.

Those are my three main coping mechanisms for my anxiety, I hope this post helps anyone who also suffers from mental illness. Do you have any tips that may help others who suffer?


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