The Plus Side To Insomnia

There is always negative comments and views online about insomnia but there are some positives, for example the idea of this post came to me at one in the morning. Since I started college I have had insomnia and it always seems to get worse when its summer. This also got worse when my anxiety started. But I choose to see the positive side. As much as I do love sleep there is no reason to dwell on something that I can’t change.

One of the biggest positives for me is I’m a lot more productive when I should be sleeping. For example I created this blog when I was up late at night, most of my posts are written at this time as well. I find during the day I’m in a daze, i never really fully wake up till the evening/night time. I’ll admit a lot of the things I do aren’t as productive, for example gaming and watching TV but its a good way to keep my mind busy. Another thing I like to do is to go for a walk, its a great way to clear your head and sometimes the best photography is done at night. The featured image is one of my favorite shots from a night shoot.

I’m lucky in a way, insomnia runs in my family so often we are up together and I have people to talk to and do things with. Sometimes i don’t do anything, I use the time to clear my head in hopes that will help me sleep, often it doesn’t but I’m still hopeful. There is one downside which I cant put a positive spin on and that’s when I do get really tired I will just fall asleep, it doesn’t really matter where I am.

Do you guys have insomnia? How do you spend your sleepless nights?


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