Small Towns Aren’t So Bad

When I left university I didn’t want to rush into producing my own photography (I know the work I produced at university was my own but technically I didn’t own it completely), I knew if I  did that it would be as good as it could be because I would be forcing myself. So as of a couple of weeks ago my camera has been travelling with me again, and I have been working on something that has potential.

I knew from the start that I wanted to do some sort of documentary project so I looked into people who did that sort of photography. As I have looked into this style of photography before I knew who I wanted to research first. I know this could be a reason not to go in this direction but I don’t feel I have explored the full potential of this style of photography. I originally thought I would produce images of the people of my home town. However when I went out on my first walk to get a feel of what I would be doing I found the scenery much more interesting.

The Fountain
St Michaels Church
Riverside Graffiti
Riverside Graffiti

I’m shooting this on my Olympus pen e-pl7 and experimenting with the inbuilt filters, before doing this I make sure to take a natural photograph as well. I’m doing this because  I don’t want to change the natural image excessively and this way I can make sure the image isn’t altered too much. After I produced my first contact sheet I knew I was heading in the right direction with this project. This gave me the confidence to continue with it and share it with anyone reading this.

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What do you guys think of this project?


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