My Gaming Addicion

If you follow any of my social media you’ll know I claim to be a bit of a gamer, so I thought I’d suggest some games for you guys to try out that I enjoyed while growing up. These were the ones that really got me gaming and I consider them to be classics. (These are all PC games).

One game I played a lot is Theme Hospital, this is a game where you have to build a hospital and make sure it runs smoothly. You also have specific criteria to reach to complete each level, this gets harder as you get further into the game. If you think that sounds good, I haven’t even got to the best part of the game yet and that’s the medical conditions that the patients come in with! Just a few are bloaty head, slack tongue and spare ribs, not only do these sound comical they also look funny on the patients and the way they are treated are unconventional to say the least.

theme game post.png

Another game that I played a lot growing up was Space Colony, this is probably the game I still play most today, especially as its on steam! This is a builder game with management aspects in it, the story in this game follows the heroine Venus through both commercial and military missions. There is also a sandbox mode which is great for when you don’t feel like reaching certain objectives and just want to do your own thing. This is probably my favorite of the games I have/will talk about, its just so addictive and each play through is a little different.

spacecolony game post.png

The third and final game I’m going to talk about is Dungeon Keeper, this is a dungeon builder and the aim is to attract creatures to your dungeon. As your dungeon improves it will attract better creatures and then you can fight other dungeon keepers and Heroes who are after your treasures. The main objective of this game is to beat all other dungeon keepers and rule the whole of the land. One of the best parts of this game is the voice over through out it, this adds a sense of dark humor to the game. (Sadly I couldn’t print screen a pic of my dungeon)

I still play all these games now, not as much as I used to but they are so good I just had to share it with you guys. A big thank you to my parents for introducing me to the world of gaming.

Are you a PC or console gamer? What is your favorite game?


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