Influence Of Advertisments

I don’t know about you guys but I am very easily influenced by advertisement especially when it comes from people I admire. For example a long time ago I was on Instagram and saw that Lucy Watson had got a new camera, an Olympus Pen E-PL7, immediately I loved the design. I did some research and found that this camera would be perfect for me and a nice addition to my collection of cameras. A few months later I was able to get my hands on one and its been my favorite camera since. You can find Lucy here: I’m also influenced to buy a persons own products, I’m a big fan of creature jewelry which is all designed by Lucy. I’m especially a fan of the latest collection which is star sign jewelry, as soon as I could I ordered the earrings from this collection.

The influence people have over me is even worse when I see their products or I’m reminded of their products everyday like people on YouTube. I’m currently the owner of many Zoella beauty products, as well as her girl online book series, I also own her brothers graphic novel and I’m excited for the next one! Lucky for me this hasn’t ended badly but I’m waiting for the day when I buy something and its not what I imagined.

Another product I’ve been influenced into buying is Cute nutrition, I have bought quite a few products from this company and that is down to Sarah Ashcroft, She is a beauty blogger and a big influence on the social media scene.

The worse thing about this is it extends to things the people just happen to have, I watched one of Pewdiepie vlogs and it showed Marzia on a gold macbook, I immediately wanted one. (Disclaimer: I had wanted one for a while but this made me want it even more and it had to be gold!).

Are you easy influenced by people you admire? What one thing did you buy that you wish you hadn’t?


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