Love for Autumn

When I was younger I wasn’t a fan of the colder seasons, I was a big fan of summer! I loved laying in the sun with my family and tanning or going to the pool and BBQ’s in the garden. But when I started to get older my appreciation of the colder seasons grew.

Now that I’m a little older the cooler seasons are my favorite, All of my favorite things to do are better in the cooler seasons! So I thought to celebrate the fact that it is getting a little colder I would list some of my favorite things to do and why its better to do them when its cooler.

For one thing I love watching horror films and movies in general and when its the warmer seasons its harder to set the tone. To have a successful movie night its needs to be quite dark and its also nice to have some scented candles lit, its just more fun when you can get cosy! If you add a cup of tea to that then it becomes the best way to spend a day with others or by yourself! Another thing I love is walking in the rain or just sitting at home watching the rain, I find its very relaxing and a great way to think.

The main reason I love the cooler seasons is layering! My favorite piece of clothing is a jumper, I love layering them with shirts and a big coat. With the amount of jumpers I have I nearly have enough for one each day of the season!


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