A Special Birthday

For a special birthday I like to put in extra effort and gift something with a lot of sentiment and this is one of my go to gifts for 18th birthdays. I have done this twice and both times it has been worth the effort! The first time I did this it was for my best friends birthday two years ago and now I’ve done this for my sisters birthday last month.

The first thing needed for this gift is a cute album, my favorite place to look is Paperchase, I always go for a large album so it can be filled with future photos and memories. The next thing to do is find all the photographs you have of the birthday person and stalk their social medias if that’s not enough. I like to put them in a sort of order, it wouldn’t really make sense to anyone else but it makes sense to me and the person the album is for. This makes it extra special because only you and the person will understand the order. I also like to include some cute messages or memories, like any sort of tickets from days you spent together or things like that.

The best thing about this gift is its easy to do, its really special and often will mean more than buying them an expensive gift. I always feel confident that the person will like the gift when giving this album unlike when I buy something I’m less confident.

Try this out, let me know what feedback you get.


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