All About Hair

As you may have seen I have light purple/silver hair, and I have had quite a few people ask me how I get my hair to this color. So I thought I’d do a post giving you guys a step by step guide (I use two sets of dye so I suggest taking your time).

The first section is bleaching your hair if it is quite dark, if it is a light blonde you wont need to do this step. If you don’t know how to bleach your hair the instructions are on what ever bleach you decide to go with, I use Jerome Russel Be Blonde. (I will leave links at the end for you guys to find everything)

After bleaching it I’d suggest dying your hair silver using Color Freedoms silver blonde dye, this needs to be applied to towel dried hair and hopefully be as even as possible. The timing of this step depends on the length of your hair and how much you want the color to develop. I usually leave the dye on for at least forty five minuets.

Before doing the next step I suggest leaving your hair alone for a couple of days so it can recover from all the chemicals you have just used on it. When adding the purple to your hair not much dye is actually needed, this is more of a deep conditioning rather than dying. I use a few drops of Color Freedom mystic purple dye with a lot of Tresemme conditioner (the mixture is going to look darker than it will make your hair) and apply to towel dried hair again. Color Freedom does sell a pasteliser which works the same as the conditioner but it doesn’t last as long as buying a big bottle of any sort of conditioner. This step is very much trail and error, sometimes I haven’t even included enough dye to actually dye my hair and sometimes it comes out way too dark but the best thing is it doesn’t last long so if you hate it you can change it pretty quickly.




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