Payday Treats

So as you may know I had a couple of months out of work (which sucked) so when I received my first pay check from my new job it is understandable I would treat myself.  I’m going to talk you through what I spent my money on and the reasoning behind it, links will be below.

The first things I bought were things I used to buy regularly but haven’t had the chance in a while for obvious reasons. The first things I bought was some more hair dye the one mentioned in my All About Hair blog, I got this from superdrug and cost £4.65. The other essential I bough was fake nails, this is something I enjoy to do in my spare time and again something I haven’t done in a while. Again this was from Superdrug and cost me £9.95 this is because I got a three styles in one box so it will last longer.

A bigger and more exciting thing I bought was a new jacket. Some would argue I have to many but this one was needed, its a black one with a big fur collar, perfect for the coming autumn days. This was from Newlook and only cost me £39.99. Another smaller treat was some new leggings I found in the Miss Selfridge sale, they are high wasted with a black and white square pattern. They’re perfect for when I’m writing a post or watching TV and only cost £7!

One of the main things I bought for myself was a new tattoo which you’ll get to see in an upcoming post.


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