Friends, Shopping and Food

After my first travel blog post Adventuring in London and how much I enjoyed writing that I decided to go on another adventure. I use this term loosely as mainly I went to go see my friends and have a well needed catch-up.

Fridays Outfit


The first thing I did was meet one of my best friends Charlotte and walk back to the uni where one of the guys was making dinner. We had a quick catch up over a family meal of pasta bake  and then me and Charlotte were off to another friends house to catch up with them. Our night mostly consisted of gossiping about what I had missed since moving away from Ipswich and watching Goggle box.

We ended our Friday night chilling in our pyjamas, Initially we planned to go see Sketch from Tattoo Fixers but more of our friends were out on the Saturday night so we changed our minds. Its not about who you see out its about who you are out with.

Saturdays Outfit

Our Saturday consisted of shopping at all my favorite places with Charlotte and the guys. As well as searching for an outfit for the night as I didn’t bring much with me. Just some of the places we went were Paperchase, Lush and H&M. I didn’t buy much as I treated myself the weekend before. I did want to go crazy and spend all of my money but the adult in me stopped that from happening and I was just happy to be with my friends again. After a day of shopping we went home to get ready for our night out.

Just some of my uni family

The night was so fun and my friends were amazing and waited up for me even though they left the club early. Now we come to Sunday, this was mostly spent sleeping and making myself presentable to come home. then another train journey.

So that was my weekend back with my friends, hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if there is more I should include in my travel blogs.



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