Thoughts on Tattoos

For how young I am some people consider me to have a lot of tattoos, I only have Six. So I thought I’d walk you through my tattoos and my reasons for getting them.


Tribal Bird – March 2014. This was my first tattoo and a gift from my parents, they knew it was what I wanted for my birthday and I was lucky enough to get it on the day of my birthday. I chose this design because it looked really nice and it was something small to make sure I could handle the “pain” of tattoos.


Anubis – December 2014. This tattoo was paid for by my parents for Christmas. I chose this design because since I’ve been young I’ve loved Egyptian mythology and I just happened to find a design of Anubis that matched my first wrist tattoo. This was the first tattoo that had some sort of meaning to me.


Sun – March 2015. This was a birthday present to myself and I was very worried when I booked it, lots of people told me I wouldn’t be able to sit through it and it would hurt too much but it was actually okay and I’m really happy with it.


Geometric Arrow – September 2015. I treated myself to this tattoo after a long week at my first job. It took me maybe two weeks to choose the design and I took the original picture to the tattoo artist and got him to change it so it was similar but original to me.


Girly Garter – March 2016. This is ¬†another one I paid for myself, I had seen two designs for thigh tattoos that I was struggling to decide between. I chose the one similar to this because the other had animals in and I had animals on my wrists so I didn’t want to over do it. Like the previous one I took it the the tattoo artist and asked them to change it so it was original to me.


Geometric Roses – October 2016. This is my newest tattoo and probably the most original as I took the design in with the hexagons and said I wanted roses in the negative space inside the hexagons instead of what was originally there. Again this is another tattoo I wanted because I thought it looked pretty, no special meaning needed. This is my favorite so far and there are still more to come.


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