October Favorites

I know its been a couple of months since I last posted one of these but I have been so busy and preoccupied with other posts I have kind of left this on the back burner. However I’m bringing these posts back and this first on will be big!

The first thing is a drink, its Relentless Lemon Ice, I know its not very healthy but it tastes so good!! The amount I go through these in a month is a little too much but I don’t know of anything else that tastes like it. If I could find a drink that didn’t have so much sugar and tasted the same I’d be all over it! The best way to describe it is liquid lemon sherbets and that doesn’t even do it justice!

Another thing I have been loving is my collection of Nikes, I only have three pairs so I’m using the word collection loosely (But I have my eyes on some more). I have recently started a new job and I’m on my feet for the entirety of my shifts so I need comfy shoes and nothing is comfier than Nike trainers. They are my favorite type and brand of shoes, and this month I have been wearing them loads.

My latest addition… I guess this means I have four pairs now…

Lately I’ve been re-watching the entirety of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, its something I watched with my family when I was younger and I know it so well I don’t have to pay too much attention to it. So its really good to put on in the background when I’m writing these posts or working on my photography. Continuing with the theme of TV a new program I have been loving is Code Black this is a medical drama and they have just come back for season two, its like Grey’s Anatomy but  it feels more serious and a little darker. Its a must watch!

The last thing I’ve been loving is the adventures I go on with my friends, sometimes we fail (like a time we went to a ‘haunted’ place and didn’t go in because they have cctv around the time we went). Then other times we succeed like going to South-end to see some fireworks and getting there at the perfect time and having a really good time!


Let me know what you have been loving lately, I’d love to try some new things.



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