Mummas Birthday Shopping

So this month its my mums birthday and she wanted to go shopping and you know me I can never turn down a reason to shop! I thought I’d walk you through a couple of bits I bought and what else we did on our shopping day.

Before we even left a package arrived for me it was an order I had made late the week before and it was something really exciting! I really like a brand of clothing called Killstar Clothing, they sell what you’d call alternative style of clothing. I have loved this brand for a while but never been in a position where I was able to buy something. So as soon as I saw this jumper I had to get it.


The day didn’t get off to the best start we were late for the train and had to wait an hour for the next one. As soon as we got to Chelmsford moods were lifted and I was ready to shop, the first stop was Paperchase, one of my favourite shops ever. I only got a couple of bits but the most important is a cute scrunchie with reindeer antlers on ready for the coming christmas season.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Then to Lush to have a look around, I didn’t buy anything as Im planning to do a large order online closer to christmas.

Next off to Newlook where I got a few essentials, a new water bottle thats quite large and needed as I drink a lot of water during the day. A new pom for a bag I bought a little while ago and finally a new purse as my last purse was very much a part of the mermaid phase but I’m over that now.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Finally Primark where I probably spent the most money, I got the winter necessities and then some! The first thing I picked up was some socks as Primark always does my favourite type of socks and those are ones with Mickey Mouse on, this meant I had to buy a Micky top to match! I also picked up a pink hoodie as I had recently watched Erica Saccone’s latest video ( her October Favourites and she included something similar from Topshop and I really liked the colour. Therefore when I saw this one in the shop I had to pick it up. I also stocked up on my Favourite winter leggings as they are super cosy and perfect for when I have to walk to work early in the morning. The last thing I bought was a cute halloween t-shirt that has a little pumpkin on with the caption ‘creepin it real’.


Overall it was a fairly successful day, I was happy to spend the day with my mum as we don’t get to do it that often now. I really hope she had a good time even though she had to deal with me and my sister arguing most of the day.


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