All About Nails

Like many I love going to a beauty salon and getting my nails done, I tend to go for a full set of acrylics with gel polish. I switch up the shape I have them depending on what I feel like. The only down side to this is I can’t always afford/ have time to go so I had to get creative. Im not saying I make my own nails or anything but I’ve learnt how to make it look like I have them done (or so I’ve been told).



What I like to do is buy a large set of nails by a brand called Eleganttouch which includes three shapes: stiletto, square and oval. Most of the time I use the stiletto shape and then file it down to how I want them. Something I really want to do but haven’t been able to achieve is a ballerina style with the shapes of nails in this set and that is something I’m still working on.





If you need inspiration check out my Instagram as I post my latest nail creations as and when they come to me.


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