An Exciting Month

The count down to Christmas begins tomorrow and that means some exciting things will be happening. Like most people I love Christmas and my activity on social media and this blog will be increased through this festive season. The first thing I will be doing is a count down to christmas on my Instagram with various posts about christmas themed things and activities. I will also be trying to upload two to three times a week with my usual content as well as special christmas themed content. There are so many inspiring things happening over the month coming and I just can’t help but share it all!

Its not all about me this month obviously, there are so many things that are exciting coming up just one example that comes to mind is 24 days of Zoella. If your not familiar with this concept the Youtuber Zoe Sugg daily vlogs the 24 day going up to Christmas and it includes her daily life as well as all the christmassy things she did over that time. There are also other Youtubers who do this but if you haven’t guessed from my previous posts or your new here, she’s my favourite. Also soon festive shows will be playing on TV and its nearly as good as halloween TV.

Let me know what activities I should do and maybe some Christmasy posts you want to see.


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