November Favourites

So now I’m back on the favourites hype I have kept my eyes open this month and I have a lot to talk about, it also helps that November has been a good month for new things. There are a few things I have been waiting for a while and a few that I just happened to find.

The first thing that comes to mind is what I’m using to write this on, I got a Macbook!! This is something I have wanted for a while and recently I am pursuing things where a macbook would be a great help. I have a very simple model but it will be able to do what I need it to and there is no point buying something fancy that I don’t need. I got the 12″ Macbook 256GB in rose gold, as soon as I got it I logged into my WordPress account to work on some blog posts.


The Next thing that has made my November enjoyable is a series called Freakish, this is something I heard about from my many hours I spend on Youtube watching various channels. I discovered this from a show called Beauty Break as one of the returning guests/hosts stars in Freakish. The episodes are only twenty minuets long and they have so much story in them they are great if you only have a short amount of time. However I watched them all one after the other.

Gilmore Girls is another thing I loved over November, I know it came out at the end of the month but I spent the whole month looking forward to it which means it gave me something else to look forward to other than pay day at the end of the month. The series didn’t disappoint, all my questions from the original series were answered apart from one. I watched it all in one day and couldn’t turn it off till I watched it all, Ill admit it had some things I didn’t agree with but I think they way they went with it was smart.

Moving on from TV, I have been loving is something I mentioned in a previous post, my Killstar jumper. I have been wearing this most of the month and it’s so cosy! I literally can pair it with anything, leggings, skinnys even a skirt.


Following on from this a make-up product I have been loving is Rimmel Londons new mascara. It layers well with my lengthening mascara and really makes my lashes look full. There is one downside to this tho and that is where my lashes rub under my eyebrows it sometimes leaves some residue there.


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