Christmas Gift Ideas

I thought I was being super original with this post, turns out people do similar things all the time but what the hey, I’m still going to continue with it.

Many people write posts about what you can get for people or make for them if you’re on a tight budget, I want to do something similar but with my own twist. As you know I’m a bit of a shopaholic to the point I will spend most of my days online ‘window shopping’. So here is my list of things you may want to put on your christmas list or maybe buy for someone else.

The first thing I look for is something to warm people up for the cold months coming, for example a coffee or hot chocolate set or maybe a cosy jumper or jacket. This is the perfect gift for the winter season and if you’re willing to spend a little extra you can buy one that will last a really long time.

The obvious gift that comes to mind is a cheesy gift, like a ‘ugly’ Christmas jumper or some Christmas themed socks. Ive looked at a few of these as I like to have things that keep me in the festive spirit. I also like to buy my family jokey presents before I give them what I really thought they would like.

Another thing I like to look at is technology, Ive been buying some small techno bits lately and testing them out to see if they are worth it and so far they all seem pretty good. The first thing is a selfie light that clips on your phone, unlike cases this will go on any phone which means when the person moves on to a new phone they can keep the light. The best thing about this its not only usable for selfies, I have used mine to help see whats in my bag before. Something else is an iRing or a pop socket, both do the same thing, its a way to hold your phone or to stand it up when watching videos or reading your favourite blog posts…

One last thing that may be good to buy someone is something cute and personal to whomever you’re buying for. For the people I know this is tricky but I found that Funko Pop do a good variety of vinyl figures and they have both games and TV themed ones so there is something for everyone.

This is just a selection of what you can possibly buy the people in your life, let me know what are must haves for you when looking for presents.


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