Another Trip to London

Its time for another travel blog!! This time I’m going to London to catch up with some family and go see a band I like. Its going to be an exciting three days and I want to take you guys along with me.

We (myself and my mother) travelled up to Romford late Sunday and met up with my aunt and uncle as they had kindly let us stay with them. We got some food and spent the night watching TV and catching up.


The next morning we watched more TV and prepared for the day ahead, the outfit I chose was simple but cute. Traveling is not an activity I like to do often, I get anxious when things are delayed and make me late. The bus was longer than expected then we had to get on a train and we weren’t exactly sure it was the right one. We traveled from the outskirts of Romford to the middle of Romford and then to Islington and then on to Shepard’s Bush. As soon as we arrived I felt better about the whole thing but for a moment it could have all gone down hill.

The reason we were travelling around so much is we were going to an evening with Black Stone Cherry, if you don’t know who they are then you should look it up, but the short story is they are a country rock band. An evening with means the band plays two sets and there are no supporting acts, the first set they played was acoustic and then the next was electric.


It was so busy in the building and you could feel the buzz of excitement in the air. There was a wide range of ages in the crowd, but we were all there for one thing and I could hardly wait! There was hardly any space to move and I had to try and move when people wanted to get past, this meant I had a lot of people brushing up against me which did not make me feel good. It was very much worth it though, the band was amazing and I was really happy I made the choice to go.


After the gig was over we made the long journey back to my aunts, and then we all just chilled for a bit. Every one was really tired so we fell asleep pretty quickly.


Our final day consisted of mainly trying to wake up, I was shattered from the night before but I had things to do back in Braintree so we couldn’t stick around for too long. Travelling home was a little bit of a mission, our train from Romford had some technical issues and then the train to Braintree was delayed. I don’t regret going, it was something I really didn’t want to miss out on and I couldn’t let my anxiety get in the way.

Where have you been travelling lately? Is there a band similar to Black Stone Cherry I should look up?


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