Christmas in a Small Town

The other day I was shopping for some Christmas bits and there was a few things I couldn’t get because the shops I went to didn’t have a massive selection. This got me thinking that you might like to know what its like to come from a small town and the experiences people have.

The first thing is Christmas shopping is sometimes difficult, my town has a good selection of shops but some of them are quite small compared to some that would be in a city. For example I went to a Superdrug to pick up some of the Zoella Christmas bits but the shop only had a couple of items from the collection. I know what your thinking ‘why don’t you just travel somewhere with bigger shops?’ but with no one that can drive in my family that would be hard because that would mean travelling by train or bus and then having to bring all the shopping home which isn’t ideal.

Another thing that will most likely apply to more people is travelling to see family, in the week running up to Christmas I spend a lot of time traveling to see various family and friends. As you know I’m a shopping addict so I obviously have to travel to see every one and give them their presents.

The last thing that comes to mind is the festivities aren’t that amazing or at least in my opinion, we have a lights ceremony which is mostly aimed at kids and maybe one Christmas market. If you want a full festive Christmas experience you’ll have to travel to somewhere like London to get a really good experience.


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