The Blackwell Story

Its been a while since I did my last gaming post so I thought I’d let you know what I’ve recently been playing. It’s a game series by Wadjet Eye Games called Blackwell, there are five games in the series and they consist of the story of Rosangela and her family legacy in a sense. Theses games are point and click adventure games that reel you in from the beginning.

Blackwell Legacy – In the first game of this series we meet Rosa a medium and her spirit guide Joey, they find trapped and confused spirits and help them move on to the next life. Sometimes this can take a lot of work sometimes it doesn’t. We also learn that the Blackwell family have been doing this for a few generations and they don’t really have a choice in the matter. Of all the games in the series this was the one that took the least amount of time to complete.

Unbound – In this game we follow Rosa’s aunt Lauren on a few cases and find out a little more about the family. This games is based in the 70’s so you can’t just Oogle something (in game version n of google) This means there is a lot of travelling back and forth but its all worth it. In this game we encounter the Countess, a character that is worth paying attention to as she makes an appearance in future games.

Blackwell Convergence – This game takes place six moths after the first, by this point Rosa is much more comfortable with her fate and has acclimated to Joey’s presence. This games shows a lot more of Rosa’s personal life and we learn more about her as a person. The countess makes another appearance in this game and we learn more about her and why she keeps showing up.

Blackwell Deception – In the fourth game we are still following Rosa and Joey, this game takes place after Convergence. In this part of the series we meet a new type of character that is more important than you think. This game doesn’t rely on the others to establish whats going on, therefore you can play it as a stand alone game.

Blackwell Epiphany – This may be the best game of the series, and I feel like its the one with the most drama. As rosa we now help the police off the books when they are struggling to figure out murder cases. But after our first case something strange happens and Rosa can’t let it go. In this game we also learn a little more about Joey.

Theses games don’t take too long to play and are so fun, go check them out!! In total I have spent 13 hours on all the games and as Ill be playing through them again that amount is likely to double.


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