January Favourites

Its been a pretty chilled month and there have been lots of good things to come out of it and a few bad things as well. So I thought Id stick with the positives and review some of my favourites and see what you guys have been loving.

The first thing I have been loving is obviously my new phone, Its quite a change going from an iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 plus. Its nice having some more space and the camera is fun to play with!


This leads on to my next thing which is a mobile game called Duel Links, this is a game based on YU-GI-OH. I used to watch the cartoon series on and off when I was younger and a couple of years ago I decided to watch every episode. I thought I’d download this game on the off chance I play it when I’m bored and so far I have played it most days. Its a very easy game to get into and the controls are simple, its story isn’t as good as the cartoons but it could be worse.

Ive recently started getting Glossy Box and it is one of the best decisions I have made, I have only been subscribed for two months but I have already found some great brand I want to continue using. I plan on doing a full review post once I have had it for a bit longer.


The last thing I have been loving is a lipstick I received i one of my GlossyBoxes, its by a brand called MDM Flow and the colour is Bossy. Its a beautiful colour and feels great on your lips.


And thats all of it really its been a quiet month…


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