Glossybox Review

I stared getting Glossy box in December and it was the best choice I could’ve made! I love most of the products I receive and the value for money, It usually includes five products of a mix of makeup, hair and skin care with a mix between full sized and samples as well as a run down on what each product is and how much its worth.


With the fist one I didn’t really know what to expect, so I was happily surprised at the quality of what I received. In this box I received a lot of makeup supply which is what I mainly want. The Product I was most happy with is MDM flow lipstick in the shade Bossy, this had become a must wherever I go! This is worth £18 on its own which is nearly double the amount of the box! In this box I don’t have a least favourite product, I love all of them.


This next box (January) is more of a skin care box with four full size products and only one sample. I have tried and tested all the products and my favourite is the Unani face cleanser, worth £14, this feels so good on the skin and makes you feel so refreshed. The only product I didn’t like in this box was the Meet Matt(e) Trimony eyeshadow, I didn’t like the shade I was sent but I would be willing to try another one. This is worth £34 for a palette of shades.


Februarys Glossy box brought a bit of a mix of everything, when I opened this I was a little apprehensive. When I saw Ciate nail varnish I was a little disappointed, I’m not a fan of this brand, I remember getting it in Marie Claire as a young teen and I was never a fan. I don’t like how it applies and the colours I’ve seen in the collection. I was happy to find that the skin care products have become some of my favourite ever. Both the face mask and exfoliator have become products I use quite regularly.


The most recent box I received had some skin care, a hair care product and makeup, I really liked this one because it had one of my favourite makeup brands in. I got to pick between four different palates so that made it even better because I knew It would be shades I wanted. This was worth £10 and I would be more than happy to pay that for something of such good quality. I haven’t tried all the skin care products yet but have swatched them all on my hands and the consistency seems okay.

Let me know what monthly subscription boxes you have tried out and what you thought!


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