Spring Fashion

As its getting warmer I thought I’d share some of my favourite outfits and pieces from my wardrobe that I love to wear and are perfect for the spring time.


This NavyBlue jumper if my all time favourite jumper, I borrowed it off my mum a good few years ago and since she hasn’t had it back, Its just so cosy. I love wearing it with ripped jeans and a vest, this means Im not to hot but not to cold.


As you can see in the spring I like to keep it simple, T-shirts and jeans is super comfy if its a little chilly add a jumper and when it gets to the night add a jacket. I love to wear ripped jeans and add a vest and a big cardigan and your ready for the day ahead.


My dungarees are one of my favourite things in my wardrobe and I find it so easy to pair them with a crop and cute scarf.


If its a really warm day I will wear shorts and pair it with a sheer shirt or cardigan so if it does get colder I won’t freeze. It also just differentiates between summer outfits and spring outfits. High waisted shorts are my favourite because the cover your belly and if they are short you feel more comfortable because there is still a lot of material. (Am I making sense or do I sound like Im talking rubbish..)

Whats your favourite spring time outfit, do you like simple block colours or are you more of a florals and patterns person.


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