Shoe Goals?? 

Its not hard to see I’m a fairly typical girly girl especially when it comes to things like shopping! Thats why working in retail is so hard for me, seeing all the new lines come in on deliveries and when I see people trying things on it just makes me want to shop. I’m fairly … More Shoe Goals?? 

Star Wars Day!

I haven’t really bought this up but I’m a big fan of star wars, I grew up watching it and I still love watching the films whenever I can. As its may the fourth I thought I’d answer a few questions about my favourite aspects of the film. Favourite Character: I’m stuck between Padmé Amidala or … More Star Wars Day!

April Favourites

Its been a while… I kinda got wrapped up in life and didn’t really spend to much time thinking about my blog. However I’m back for now, and I mean buisness… Lets see how long this lasts. The first thing would have to be chocolate as this is one of the months for it, any … More April Favourites