Star Wars Day!

I haven’t really bought this up but I’m a big fan of star wars, I grew up watching it and I still love watching the films whenever I can. As its may the fourth I thought I’d answer a few questions about my favourite aspects of the film.


Favourite Character: I’m stuck between Padmé Amidala or Darth Maul, I love Padmé because of all of her amazing dresses and and her confidence, I think because I first watched it when I was so young I looked up to her, she just seemed so cool. The reason I can’t decide between these two is because Darth Maul looks cool and just is so skilled, and when I was young I just loved him.


World to visit: Naboo, for obvious reasons, its the home planet of Padmé and it looks beautiful!


Favourite film of the series: This is a hard choice, I don’t know if I could really pick one. I love them all, if you asked me this question when I was younger I would have said The Phantom Menace mainly because of Darth Maul. Each film has bits I like and bits I don’t like so I can’t really decide.


Favourite Vehicle: Obviously the millennium falcon, and the fact that its usually being piloted by Han Solo helps.

Best Droid: R2D2!! The amount of emotion that they managed to portray with such a small little thing, it is probably the most emotive characters of the franchise. I do have to say I did find K-2SO from rogue one to be quite funny. I was a sceptical of BB8 as cool as they try to make it, it will never replace R2D2 in my mind.



If you can’t tell by the photos, my love for star wars doesn’t just go as far as the films, I also have multiple action figures and little bits like keyring and lego and even lamps. Most of these are bought for me but sometimes I do like to treat myself, Its cool to have all these little bits and make my dad jealous.

I did really enjoy the Clone Wars cartoon as well, this introduced some new characters and gave some depth to existing characters. It also meant there was more star wars-y goodness for my to enjoy.

Are you a serious Star Wars fan or are you new to the franchise? What cool bits of memorabilia do you own?


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