Shoe Goals?? 

Its not hard to see I’m a fairly typical girly girl especially when it comes to things like shopping! Thats why working in retail is so hard for me, seeing all the new lines come in on deliveries and when I see people trying things on it just makes me want to shop. I’m fairly controlled when it comes to clothing but my biggest weakness is trainers. I now have a few pairs and I thought it would be interesting to walk you guys through them, maybe introduce you to a new style you may want to shop for.


I mostly stick to the same sort of colours (like the majority of my wardrobe) but sometimes I like to change it up. Depending on what I’m doing and the mood I’m in depends on what shoes I want to wear.



My first pair of shoes, I got these when everyone was going through the blazers phase and these were what I decided to buy.


This pair has been worn to death! the back of the heal on the inside of the shoe is pretty much no existent because I’ve worn them so much it has worn away. I just can’t bare to get rid of them.


Branching out to a new colour but a very similar style to my previous pairs, these got a lot of use when I bought them. I like to pair these with black skinny jeans and a t-shirt.


I got these because I felt like a change, a change of brand and colour. The only thing that I don’t like about them is the suede pink on the back of them, after wearing them once in the rain some dye leaked from my jeans and dyed the suede blue. Since they have been washed but its still not the same.


These are probably my favourite pair, they are super comfy and look really good. They didn’t break the bank and they are very much in fashion right now.


I love and hate this pair, they are a size five and a half and really comfy but they get dirty so easily and they aren’t the sort of shoes you can just wipe with a baby wipe and be ready to go theses ones you have to actually wash to get them clean.


This is the most recent pair I have bought, I thought I’d try a new brand and I want something lighter for summer. Wearing black shoes in the heat when your on your feat all day just isn’t fun!

Whats your go to pair of trainers, do you have that one pair you can’t bare to get rid of?


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