Keeping my Passion Alive

Its hard to keep your passion alive when your working a lot and don’t have time to really invest in what you want to do. So I thought I’d let you know how I try to keep my passion alive and maintain my skills within this passion.


As you know photography is my main passion in life and I don’t necessarily want to be famous for it or anything I just want people to be able to recognise my work and be inspired by it.


I try produce work as often as possible even if that means I have to use my phone (something I prefer not to do). As you know I love to use my Olympus Pen EPL-7 but sometimes you find the perfect opportunity for an image but you only have your phone  on you.


I have been producing images at work, and when ever I can really, most of the time sticking to my usual style sometimes branching out.

I thought Id share some of these images with you guys and hope to inspire you to keep your passions alive.

Let me know how you keep your interests alive and what you think of the work Ive shown you.



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