Anxiety Update

Its been a year since I wrote my original post about this subject and Ive been pretty quiet on this front, I took a lot of time to myself and I’m slowly opening up to the people in my life.

I still have my struggles, I still have my down days and I still find it incredibly hard to talk about it openly with the people in my life. I feel like this is something that will always be with me but I feel like the progress I have made in this year is so great

The biggest step I took was writing my original post on this blog, even though I don’t really see the people reading this, there is that sense that I opened up to someone. That was the best thing for me to do at that point, it was also possible the only thing I could manage at the time as well.

Now some people may say that if I’m so anxious why do I go out with my friends… the answer is Id rather be with my friends and anxious than at home anxious wishing I was with my friends. The fact is I’m tired of letting this run my life and dictate what I do.

Im still on medication but I find I don’t need to write in my journal as a way of coping now I write in it as a way of remembering the many good days Ive had.

Ive been looking into getting some books on this subject so I can understand it better and maybe even help to improve my mental health. If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear from you.



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