Ive talked about photography a lot and correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think I have ever explained why I love film photography so much, specifically black and white 35MM film photography.


My love for this style of photography probably began when I was in college and I experienced my first time with 35MM film photography. As soon as I was introduced to this media I was in love, I knew this would be my favourite style. At the same time I began to fall in love with black and white photography.


I like being in a darkroom and watching the images form on the page in front of me. I find it so much more interesting than sitting in front of a computer editing images. I can spend hours in the darkroom developing my images but if you put me on a computer and ask me to edit images I will struggle to stick with it.

look upwatermark

I still produce work in colour and sometimes it even stays like that but I often find myself changing it to black and white. I love the way it highlights certain details especially if there is a lot of pattens in the image or texture.

IMG_20150222_0001 watermark.jpg

If I am unable to use a film camera I tend to go for my Olympus Pen as it has a film filter on the camera so its like shooting on a film camera.

The downside to film is that I don’t have anywhere to process it myself so if I wanted to process it I would have to send it away and sometimes others won’t do it the way its wanted. This means I haven’t been able to produce any film images as I wouldn’t have any access to them in the near future.


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