April Favourites

Hey its been a very strange month I’ve been out and about so much when I’m home I’m barely doing anything mostly I’ve been binging Netflix. However I do have some cool things to tell you about that I’ve been loving this month. The first being a game I used to play when I was … More April Favourites

American Fizz Haul

So nearly every month when my sister gets paid she always orders from a website called American Fizz, this is a place to buy all sorts of American sweets, drinks and food. Each time she orders from there she adds more and more things for me so I thought I’d go through the site pick … More American Fizz Haul

March Favourites

Hey hope you have had a lovely easter, its that time again.. here are some of the things I’ve been loving this month. The first thing I have to mention is Gossip Girl, I’m sure I’ve mentioned my love of this before, I got the box set for my birthday and love to binge watch … More March Favourites

Im Feeling 22

Hey so I’ve just turn 22 and I thought I’d share with you a little of whats going on with me at the moment in my life. You may have guessed from one of my previous posts this month that I have had and interview for a new job, as it stands I haven’t heard … More Im Feeling 22

No More Guy Talk

So in view of recent events I’ve decided not to talk about guys on this blog, I don’t think it was the best idea. Don’t get me wrong usually its positive which is hard fo me because I’m usually a pessimist but I can’t help but want to write everything which isn’t necessarily a good … More No More Guy Talk